About me

Hello there!

I am Koen Jongen, a Dutch photographer and cyanotype print maker currently based in Tampere, Finland.

As a kid I used to wander through our garden, scouring the bushes and lifting stones, looking for little critters desperately crawling back into hiding. Often I wondered what their world is like, so close to us, yet so far away due to their severely different perspective.

After a temporary diversion into the world of mechanics and engineering in my early adult life, I found myself moving country almost a decade ago, I picked up a camera as a way to document and cherish memories in a different place, but ended up falling in love with this new-to-me form of creative expression.

Though I dabble in many kinds of photography, I feel strongly drawn to portray nature’s smaller creations. Once again scouring the bushes and lifting stones, I take my photos from their perspective, capturing their portrait as they might like to see themselves.

Using the cyanotype printing technique I take my subjects further away from their immediate surroundings and introduce them to the world of imagination.

Having finally come full circle, I feel myself uniquely able to share with you the sense of magical wonder that I felt as a child.